Friday, March 30, 2012

Flower-girl petal cones

My daughters have the honor of being flower girls in Uncle Ryan and Aunt Holly's wedding next week! I had the pleasure of making the flower-girl petal cones. Here is a final draft of the creation thus far. I will await approval from the bride and groom before making the second cone.

Thank you to the Martha Stewart craft empire for the instructions. I thought I knew how to make a cone, but there's a little trick to the proportions and gluing...

The cone is made of scrapbook paper, cream with a black outlined pattern that helps it stand out against the white dress. The dress, by the way, is not the flower-girl dress. Naomi was playing dress up.

I incorporated antique lace from the groom's mother (my wonderful mother-in-law). The handle ribbon and bow are in the wedding colors.

I was thinking of making the second flower-girl cone with the purple ribbon under the lace for the handle and a green bow; the paper would be the same.

Flower-girl-in-training Naomi was very gentle with the paper cone.

I can't tell if she's posing or just bored with the photo shoot!

Here's a closer shot of the pattern on the paper. It seems to fit with the Renaissance theme of the wedding.


JKL said...

that turned out GREAT! Can't wait to see the other one and the girls in their flower girl outfits...

Gina Rose said...

SO PRETTYYYY!!!! Love you.