Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas cards custom order

Finally we're streamlining a few things around the house in hopes of making computer access easier for me during the day. We bought a new laptop several months ago, but I kept using the old one (which worked out well when the new one had to be sent away for repairs). Anyway, it quickly became ridiculous for me to wait for an opportunity to upload photos to one computer but edit them on another all while Naomi ransacked the house ... you get the picture.

Speaking of pictures, here are some photos of my newest Christmas cards. My lovely sister-in-law ordered some cards of varying fanciness. Here are some for her to choose from. I'm also feeling impulsive, so they just might show up in my shop (if Naomi keeps napping at the moment!).

Fancy Wreath

Merry Little Girl

Christmas Cardinal and Wreath

Simple Wreath
(I've got a thing for wreaths this year)

(I can stamp "Holiday Wishes" on this card instead of "Make Merry")


New variations on the simple wreath