Friday, April 9, 2010

Bright dots outer space mobile

The pieces for this mobile have been sitting in a pile on my craft table for a month or so, and last weekend I finally cut and bent the wire and assembled the mobile. The bright colors make me smile whenever I look at it (usually after I bump my head on it)...

In the two years I've been making mobiles, I've also been coming up with ways to photograph them in motion. Finding big enough solid backgrounds that didn't strain my or my husband's arms (I once had him hold up a big dark blue quilt) was the biggest challenge.

I finally rigged a semi-permanent background in front of the craft room window -- two dowel rods, five mug hooks, several clothes pins, and some twine to suspend a roll of white paper and a sheet of dark blue cardstock.

It all works, and now I won't procrastinate taking photos for my Etsy shop (in theory!).

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