Friday, February 5, 2010

My little helping hands

I've been keeping myself busy with the girls and occasional crafts... I recently reconfigured the packaging for my mobiles with the goal of making it easy for someone to re-package them after having them on display. Specifically, the owner of a gallery in Bridgewater, Mass., contacted me about consigning some of my mobiles. I was flattered and agreed to send her some silver and ivory stars and moon mobiles, after I did some research on the Etsy forums about consignment sales. I also contacted fellow Etsy artisans who have items on consignment with this gallery. I received a good report and am excited to send three mobiles to the gallery.

I formerly sewed the mobiles to cardstock when packaging them for my Etsy sales. The gallery owner wants to hang the mobiles, so I needed reusable packaging. I punched half-circle tabs for holding the bars in place. I then threaded silver elastic thread across the moon and some of the stars so they remain in place but can be slipped out and back in.

I let Natalie help with some of the hole punching.

The truth is that it's nearly impossible to keep her from 'helping' in some capacity these days. She prefers to usurp my craft table. To keep the peace, I content myself with a small corner of my table. At this rate, I bet Natalie will have her own Etsy shop in a couple of years!

Natalie even made four pages in her very own Hello Kitty scrapbook (with a little help from me) -- she's now done more scrapbooking than I have recently! The Hello Kitty scrapbook kit was a birthday gift from our friend Sarah T. Thank you!

Naomi helps me by sleeping in the carrier...

Natalie also set up her own home office in the living room and kept herself busy typing, answering the phone, and jotting notes in her 'calendar.'

Even Natalie's dollhouse has a home office, and her dolly mommy was working at the computer the other day. (Notice the little girl on the potty in the background -- just like in real life!)

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Regina said...

Congratulations on the consignment nod!