Sunday, January 17, 2010

Daisy cupcake toppers

These are the cupcake toppers I made for Natalie's birthday party, which I had to cancel (that's why the toppers aren't in cupcakes).

I used my Cuttlebug die cutter for all the daisies -- Natalie even helped turn the handle.

I then punched two holes in a small circle of matching paper (to make it look and function like a button) and put a twist tie through the circle and through the holes in the three layers each daisy's petals. Thus I could attach the daisies to the straws without using glue, just to make them cleaner and easier to assemble.

My mom made the letters with her dies and die cutter (she has a lot more craft equipment than I do). She also had the brilliant idea of selling custom toppers like these in my Etsy shop...


aforestfrolic said...

Okay, those are just adorable! Are those on bendable straws? What a great idea!

Jamie :)

bunzi said...

so adorable. happy birthday to your little girl! hope shes all better. :)