Thursday, January 28, 2010

Birthday Box

Coming soon to my Etsy shop, it's a Birthday Box. My dad gave me the idea to create a file box of cards complete with a perpetual calendar upon which he could write down everyone's birthdays. In one place, he can have cards all ready to send after he sees whose birthdays are in a given month. I made him and my grandpa boxes like this one for last (2008) Christmas.

Shortly afterward, my grandpa ordered one for another family member. I made two at the same time and have been meaning to photograph and upload the duplicate box ever since.

I'll be selling 12 birthday cards. Some are blank inside, some don't say "birthday" per se, and I used an array of colors and styles in hopes of appealing to guys and gals of all ages.

I am finally really happy with the photo quality, thanks to some basic fixes in Photoshop...

Ready for liftoff -- custom rocket mobile

I have the pleasure of working on a custom rocket, moon, and stars mobile for an Etsy customer. I designed a smaller version of my first outer-space mobile with a smaller rocket and moon, and no Saturn. The custom request was for bright colors and/or fun prints, so naturally I had a blast picking color and pattern combinations -- I had so much fun that I made five instead of just one! My customer gets first dibs, and then I'll either list the others in my shop or give them as gifts...

1. Bright Dots

2. Lullabye

3. Nerdy

4. Bright Rainbow

5. Earthy

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

EtsyMom giveaway

There's just something about seeing a little girl in an adorable tutu! This shop, Strawberrie Rose, has some lovely ones, and there's an EtsyMom giveaway going on right now...

Friday, January 22, 2010


It's taken me three years to fully adjust to being a mom, and I'm absolutely loving (nearly) every moment. It's also taken about three years to adjust to creating paper crafts more often than I write. Someday I plan to return to full-time writing, but in the meantime, I'm thoroughly enjoying crafting and running an Etsy shop. I'm still rather surprised by the relative success of my little shop, and I have lots of inspiration for projects to someday sell.

I feel that my identity has shifted from focusing on myself, my husband, and my career, to focusing on my children, my husband, and my household (not necessarily in that order). And crafts occasionally. What I'm trying to say is that I finally felt ready to join an online group for moms, and I found one that I'm excited and proud to be a part of: EtsyMom. Through the group, I hope to learn more about balancing life at home with little ones, a growing creative drive, and an Etsy shop that needs more stock...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Daisy cupcake toppers

These are the cupcake toppers I made for Natalie's birthday party, which I had to cancel (that's why the toppers aren't in cupcakes).

I used my Cuttlebug die cutter for all the daisies -- Natalie even helped turn the handle.

I then punched two holes in a small circle of matching paper (to make it look and function like a button) and put a twist tie through the circle and through the holes in the three layers each daisy's petals. Thus I could attach the daisies to the straws without using glue, just to make them cleaner and easier to assemble.

My mom made the letters with her dies and die cutter (she has a lot more craft equipment than I do). She also had the brilliant idea of selling custom toppers like these in my Etsy shop...

Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm still here!

Now that the holidays are officially over -- mine stretch through mid-January because Natalie's birthday is the 14th -- I'm starting to inch toward my craft table and camera.

I just finished documenting today's tale of woe, and I'll post photos soon. In short, I made cupcake toppers for Natalie's 3rd birthday party only to have to cancel the party because the birthday girl is sick. The toppers came out exactly as I'd hoped... sigh... My mom suggested I sell them in my Etsy shop, and I think that's just what I'll do. Eventually.

In the meantime, I hope your 2010 is off to a great start, and I plan on visiting everyone's blogs soon!