Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas: one card down

I finished one Christmas card! Hurray!

I was able to use my Cuttlebug and Top Note die to create the basis for about 70 cards. Plus, my mom let me borrow a new Stampin' Up stamp set and matching punch to make dozens of ornament-shaped cutouts. I have no idea how many cards I'll actually finish, and I still plan to enlist the help of Costco's photo center for the bulk of my cards. These handmade ones will largely be for my sister-in-law, who made a custom order...


aforestfrolic said...'s a step ;-) Good for you, tee hee. And it's cute!! I love my Top Note too and that stamp is adorable.

Jamie :)

goshery said...

That card is beautiful Andrea, and with two little ones I think getting one card made is worth celebrating, especially since the first one is always the hardest!