Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas: made while mothering

Another card today! Special thanks to my friend, Ellie, for watching Natalie so I could roll up my sleeves and get some work done. The going is still slow, however, because I'm currently wearing Naomi. Though I have two hands free most of the time, my range of movement is limited.

It's because of this extra challenge to my productivity that I decided to have a special stamp made for the backs of my cards: made while mothering. Now I can share that I'm doing my best to balance kids, creativity, and care for the cards' recipients.

I had this stamp made by Terbear on Etsy. She also did my stamp.

1 comment:

goshery said...

I love the stamp Andrea, not only for the look of it but also for the meaning behind it. The ribbon wreath . . . WOW! Looks very pretty and incredibily tedious for someone like me that can't tie a bow without a million tries. Great job!