Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hero Dad

I made this card for Bret after he and I had to divide and conquer for a couple of days last week. Naomi had a urinary tract infection and had to be hospitalized to get IV antibiotics. I stayed with her the whole time, and Bret took care of Natalie. She couldn't visit me and Naomi because of hospital-wide flu precautions, so she spent time with our best friends when Bret visited.

For more on our hospital adventure, check out my other blog.

Bret was amazingly flexible and supportive and bought all of us gals presents for being brave. He deserved some honor, too, so I made this card as soon as I could. I also got him a gift card to his favorite music store...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Buttons and bows

My best friend watched Natalie so I could finish up these hair bows for another friend -- they definitely require two hands. I'm pleased with the bows overall, and hope they hold up. Hot-melt glue has yet to let me down! Plus, I put tacky glue on the edges to prevent fraying.


I used my Crop-a-dile to punch a hole in each of these barrettes so I could sew the buttons on, in addition to gluing them.




Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall flower bouquet

With no small amount of grinding, gears have really changed in the Rooks household. I've been challenged on every level as I balance my role as at-home mom, my desire for a clean (at least non-disastrous) house, and my drive to create. I can't say I've enjoyed every moment, but I've enjoyed the outcome of every moment. I'm deeply in love with my girls and am deeper in love with my husband as he grows as a father...

Mushy stuff aside, I have had precious few moments at my craft table, often while wearing and/or nursing Naomi and coaching Natalie in a craft at her own craft table. These fall flowers were commissioned by my mom, and I was able to make them while she played with the kiddos during a recent visit.

I used K & Company papers that coordinated nicely with the printed flowers I used for the centers.

I love putting the colored dew drops in the centers. The half-circle accents make the flowers pop.

In other news, I'm planning to upload three new mobiles to my Etsy shop very soon. One of the mobiles constitutes my 100th item uploaded to RooksPaperScissors! I think I'll add a free gift for whomever buys that particular mobile :)

And a confession: I'm all but 100-percent sure that Costco's photo department will be making my Christmas cards this year. I just don't have the chunks of time necessary to create upwards of 50 cards for my friends and family (let alone any custom orders). I feel free just to have come to that decision.