Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scrapbook wedding gift

My friend, Diane, approached me a couple of months ago and asked if I'd be willing to put together a scrapbook/storybook chronicling her daughter's life, to be given as a wedding present at the end of June.

It was a first for me, and I jumped at the opportunity. She was eager to pay me for my time and to pay for the supplies. She also chose all the photos and wrote the story--I had the pleasure of choosing the papers and putting it all together. I also got to select fonts for Diane to choose from and come up with some fun ideas to fit her vision of a children's storybook/scrapbook. Here are some highlights from the project.

Most of the pages were straightforward, but some required some Internet searching for maps and other images, and some required some photography of my own. Thanks to Google Maps, I was able to find a photograph of the building Diane lived in when her daughter was little, something that was missing from her own photo archives.

I borrowed some books from friends to complete the list of books Diane suggested for this page. I lined them up and took a photo and cut them out to customize this page. It's my favorite page from this project.

Monopoly, soccer, cards, and Scrabble were some of Diane's suggestions for this page, for which there were no photos. I had an impossible time finding the Jolee's Monopoly embellishments that I could have sworn existed in every scrapbook store. Apparently I was remembering something I'd seen a few years ago, as they no longer exist. I tried bidding on a set on eBay, but got outbid. So, instead, I created a segment of my own Monopoly board out of good old-fashioned paper and pens. I also ordered some real Monoply money and game cards from an Etsy seller, but they didn't show up in time for this page.

The 42-page book took me 27 hours of work, just a little more than my 20-hour estimate. It was an honor to help Diane create a one-of-a-kind treasure to give her daughter. I also created an 8x8 version, as a surprise for Diane, by color-copying all the pages. She deserves to keep a copy for herself!

Now I'm primed to start creating my own scrapbooks!


Jen Smith said...

Wow! I mean Wow! What an amazing product! It looks so wonderful, and I'm sure Anjuna will love it!

Can't wait to see what you dream up for Natalie and baby Whosit.

henzy said...

wow.. very very well done.