Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sneak peek: everlasting bouquet

At my aunt's request, I've been making more bouquets of paper flowers. Here's a preview of my latest crop. My aunt gets first dibs, then I'll put the rest in my shop. I still need to put some finishing touches on the flowers (namely to trim the stems so they're arranged properly), and I'll put ribbon and tags on the vases.

Update: Several of these particular bouquets won't be making it into my shop after all! Between my mom and my aunt, at least three are spoken for. I hope to make more in the next, well, two years! It's nice to have a two-year plan as a catchall for the inspiration that no doubt will continue to flow between now and when I have extra time again...


Blush Bouquet

Pink Posies

Amy Butler Blues

Black and White Text


goshery said...

The flowers are so adorable Andrea! I love the color combinations and the ones made from print paper are really cute. Love 'em!

Sarah said...

Those are beautiful Andrea!!!!!

Sarah said...

i.want.to.buy these. make me more!