Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Best friend's birthday

My best friend, Sarah, turned 30 last month, and for the grand celebration I hosted a surprise party complete with festive spring decorations.

I used my new butterfly die set with my Cuttlebug to create garlands of daisies and butterflies in various spring colors. I also cut strips of silky fabric, threaded them into garlands, and gathered them at somewhat regular intervals with ribbon.

The centerpieces are big tissue-paper poofs that were inspired by a Martha Stewart kit I saw at Michaels. I was tempted to buy the kit, but there were instructions with photos on the back of the box, which helped me realize I could make the centerpieces myself.

I also hung the decorations in the kitchen/dining room....

The butterfly/daisy garlands are now hanging in the craft room as a kind of curtain between my craft area and my husband's music area.

I made sure we had fine china, candles, flowers, and table linens -- all things that Sarah and I miss when entertaining these days because we've got toddlers...

Sarah's husband and I planned the menu of appetizers--various goat cheeses, other cheeses, olives, tapanade, crackers, and almonds (a rare treat for her since her daughter is allergic to nuts)--grilled lamb with olive reduction sauce, pancetta-wrapped asparagus, potatoes au gratin, and green salad with citrus-vanilla dressing. My husband also contributed by doing much of the shopping, grilling the lamb, and making the salad dressing.

Since four of the five women guests were pregnant (including the guest of honor and myself), and one of the guys doesn't drink, we forwent the wine with dinner and instead offered a mocktail bar. Everyone had fun making exotic concoctions, adding finishing garnishes, and naming them.

Sarah herself helped set the bar for elegant 30th birthday celebrations with the element of surprise when she hosted a lavish backyard party for me in August:


Sarah said...

Thank you for the most beautiful birthday ever! I loved every minute of it and felt so celebrated! The decor, the food, the friends.... Amazing!

goshery said...

What a fun, elegant party! For grownups! Those paper poofs look great and I love the idea of spring decor. It looks like a very fun party and I think Sarah is lucky to have such a wonderful friend.