Thursday, March 12, 2009

Confessions of a craft nerd

It could be pregnancy brain, or nesting, or a business strategy, or just the next step in an already quite organized life--or some combination of all of the above. Whatever the motivation, I was driven to create a stamp catalog complete with an index and a cross-reference section for all words and sayings.

I made this catalog for all my Stampin' Up! stamps, which I keep organized in their original sets (they come in handy clear plastic boxes, which are convenient for storage). I've accumulated so many sets at this point (nearly 50) that I have begun forgetting where certain stamps and greetings can be found. This stamp catalog and index has already come in handy...

A sketch of my craft area shows what's in each of my craft room drawers.

The index is organized by set name, description, category, and drawer. Each set is also numbered (the numbers are on the far left).

Tabs on the show the categories of the stamp sets and the words and greetings.

Each stamp set is labeled with a sticker that shows the set name, what Stampin' Up! catalog it's from, and what drawer it's in.

The word/greeting section is divided into several categories, including thank you, congratulations, baby, friend, and holiday. Each word and greeting stamp has a number underneath. Those numbers correspond to the sets in the index, so I always know what set each greeting is found in.

My stamp catalog also features a Color Coach, which my Stampin' Up! demonstrator, Karen, made for me. It shows all the current colors available from Stampin' Up! and how they coordinate.

I have drawers full of other stamps, but I chose to put only the Stampin' Up! sets in this catalog because they're what I use for my Etsy store. This company has an angel policy that's easy to comply with, so I focus on their products.


Regina said...

I could use your organization skills. This was a great idea. I have my stamps in shallow drawers, sorted by theme. It works pretty well. It's just all my other stuff that could use some help!

willynillywaterlily said...

Omisgosh! I dream to be as organized as you are! Wonderful job! I love how you did your stamp ink color catalog especially.baireho