Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Listen up!

I just had to share the handiwork of my husband, Bret, and our friend, Ryan. They're both talented musicians with busy lives, pregnant wives, and a toddler each. For the past three years, they've come together in February to participate in FAWM (February Album Writing Month, Ryan's wife (and one of my best friends) Sarah and I are immensely proud of them and try to be as supportive as possible by giving them creative space and time to write and record 14 songs in 28 days... This is their fourth year as (drum roll, please)

Halfpenny Orchestra (pronounced "Hay-penny")

If you follow that link, you can read more about them and listen to the three songs they've written and recorded so far this month.

In 2006, when they first launched their endeavor (and when Sarah and I had more time on our hands because we had no children yet), we FAWM widows made our husbands some artsy cards to show our support. Here's the one I made for Bret, which he has on display above his music stuff.

Sarah found the images of the halfpennies, which we cut out and liberally applied to the cards....


Regina said...

this is SO cool!!!!
All your cards are great, but this is truly inspired! xo

bunzi said...

creativity sure runs in the family! :) i took a listen. it's very nice. :D