Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My first blog award

Thank you, Daja, for honoring my blog with the "My Blog is Pop-tastic" award!

As part of the fun, I get to pass the award along to six creative bloggers (in no particular order):

*Goshery: a fellow Etsy friend and paper crafter

*rgr designs: the talented artist and crafter who first told me about Etsy -- her blog is inspirational on the artistic snd spiritual levels

*Halfpenny Orchestra: a relatively new creative outlet for some creative minds near and dear to me (including my husband)

*Stampin Mom: a fun, inspiring, and heartfelt blog about bein' a mom and following your creative drive

*Lisa Maksoudian Photography: absolutely gorgeous photos and a beautiful blog

*Bunny Creates: adorable, whimsical creations

Visit the home of the award to pick yours up and learn how to particiate.


Jamie said...

Thank you so much for the award...so sweet! I just LOVE all of your creations, you are so very talented :-)

Regina said...

Thanks Andrea! I'm trying to catch up on posts for a challenge & then I'll pick up the award.

lisa maksoudian said...

sooo fun! this just made my day. :) can't wait to check out some of the other bloggers...

oh, and congratulations, too~i think we have a bit of catching up to do! :)


Ryan said...

I just figured out what you meant when you told us to check out your blog. There was nothing new on rookses.com ... so I was puzzled. Your family operates a total of, what, three blogs? Four?
Thanks for the Halfpenny nod.

goshery said...

Thanks so much for the award Andrea! I suppose I can't just give it right back to you, so I'll have to find 6 other blogs to award. I would pick you though, just so you know!

bunzi said...

thanks so much! :) it's my first. :D