Thursday, October 9, 2008

Outer space mobile--sneak peek

A friend recently commissioned me to make a boy-themed mobile since she didn't know any little girls to give the one I have for sale on Etsy. It was just the motivation I needed -- I'd thought off and on about what would make a good mobile for a little boy and what might be something a boy would continue to enjoy throughout his life (and what might be realistic for me to make out of paper and leave largely 2-dimensional). Outer space seemed like a doable and fun option. I chose some retro-inspired papers to give it a more lasting appeal... I also decided to make four at the same time, so I'll be selling at least one on Etsy when I finish. I'll keep you posted...

Here's what I have created so far.

1 comment:

goshery said...

Looks great so far Andrea! Boys are harder to make things for in my opinion. Love the colors!