Saturday, October 18, 2008

Updated Christmas preview--lots of photos

If you'd like to pre-order any of these cards, e-mail me or contact me through my Etsy store, and I'll send you a price list (they're priced in singly and in sets of 4, 8, and 12, but you can request as many as you want/need and I'll work out prices for you). I'll make the cards and create a reserved listing for you in my Etsy store. Give me about two weeks to complete your pre-order.

I've also added some notes about the cards, since these are my prototypes and I've got some limited quantities of these specific papers and/or ribbon. Plus, I have some new supplies on the way, so I'll continue to upload new samples as I make them.

I also plan to upload different cards to my store as inspiration strikes me, so keep checking in...

I also have some lovely new striped wide ribbon on order. I'll make a new sample when I get it

The blue background has stamped swirls in an off-white ink, but I broke that ink pad (yes, it's possible!) and will use white ink in future cards

I plan to group the trees a little closer together, and I also have more traditional Christmas printed papers to use for the trees. Let me know which you'd prefer.

I don't have much of this red background paper left, so subsequent cards will be made with a red paper with subtle darker red snowflakes or polka dots.

E (gift card pocket on the inside left)
Limited paper quantities (I could probably make 6 to 8 of these)

(I will also use a wider version of this ribbon)

(Limited ribbon supply -- I can make 2 to 4 more with this exact ribbon)



(I can also make this design on a moss green card)



M (the "merry" is part of a set of stickers -- each one is different)






Back in August, my sister-in-law and I began talking about Christmas designs. Since then, I've been having fun coming up with cards that she would like, that I could make dozens of, and that I could also sell on Etsy.


goooooood girl said...
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Femin Susan said...
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Regina said...

You have been one busy elf!
Hoping for lots of sales for you. These are great.

Starr said...

Your creations are beautiful!

goshery said...

I am not worthy!! Andrea, you've outdone yourself!! I'm stuck trying to think up one design and you have A through L?? You rock!

Beautiful cards . . . I see lots of sales in your holiday future!

bunzi said...

so nice!

Casey and Gina said...

OOOOHHHH I want some! These are such beautiful and whimsical cards. You are so talented my friend.