Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Karen's thank you

I sent this little winged messenger to Stampin' Up demonstrator Karen Indendi as a thank-you for recently leading a workshop at my house on stamping on cloth napkins. Everyone had a wonderful time, and now we've got some awesome Christmas-gift ideas... Thank you, Karen!

The bird and the flower are part of a four-piece die-cut set that Stampin' Up is offering. Karen let me play with hers at the last workshop. I can't wait to order my own!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cards by my mom and by my aunt

I'm blessed with many crafty, creative role models and muses--two of the most influential and prolific are my mom and my aunt. Here are some cards that are on extended display in my living room. I thought I'd share a taste of their talent not only because they make beautiful cards but because I've been keeping pretty busy with my daughter all day and with making cards for Etsy and friends' birthdays whenever I can...

Some of these cards were sent to me and my family several months ago, but I love them so much that I've kept them on display.

The cards above are by my talented aunt Heidi (my mom's sister). I'm looking forward to an awesome crafting party when she and my mom visit in October.

The cards below are by my mom, who's a great encouragement and inspiration to me as I pursue my love of rubber stamping and card making...